Clever Leaves to Take Advantage of the Approval to Export Medical Cannabis Flower from Colombia

  • Export of dry cannabis flower from Colombia has been authorized by a new decree that was signed on July 23rd, 2021, at Clever Leaves’ cultivation facility by President Ivan Duque and his ministers.

  • With flower representing an estimated 50% of global medical cannabis markets, this decree doubles the total addressable market for Clever Leaves’ Colombian operations.1

  • Clever Leaves’ Colombian operation is well-positioned to take advantage of this change, given its 1.8 million square feet of cultivation, CUMCS GACP and Latin America’s only EUGMP certifications for the production of dried flower.

  • Clever Leaves will now be able to offer its clients a comprehensive portfolio of cannabinoid options with its extract, isolate, and flower products from Colombia and its flower product from Portugal.

  • As a trusted B2B partner, Clever Leaves can now leverage its global partnerships to bring high quality innovative flower product to benefit patients around the world.

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