Clever Leaves


Latin America’s #1 licensed producer of medical cannabis and hemp with 2,0 M sq. ft. of cultivation and the region’s only EU GMP-certified extraction operation. Colombia is positioned to become a major global export hub for medical cannabis due to several competitive advantages, with an extraction facility capable of extracting 104,400 kilograms of dried flower annually, and expansion underway expected to increase extraction capacity to 324,000 kilograms of dried flower per year. The country has the potential to export dry flower which currently accounts for ~50% of the medical cannabis market globally. 


  • Colombia’s geographical location on the equator and high altitude allows for an ideal 12 hours of sunlight and reduced use of pesticides.  
  • Regulatory framework that promotes safety standards for the industry and for the operation of the companies.
  • Advantages in cost-effective, high-vale production. Compared to leading North American cannabis producers, Colombia provides about a 9x operating cost advantage. In terms of capacity, Clever Leaves has one of the largest cultivation and extraction capacities in the world.


Clever Leaves’ Portuguese facility is located on approximately 9 million square feet of land and consists of approximately 260,000 square feet of greenhouse facilities with processes underway for EU GMP certification in 2022.

  • Since 2020, granted a license from INFARMED I.P., the Portuguese regulatory authority with oversight over the pharmaceutical industry in Portugal, including medical cannabis, to cultivate, import and export Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice (GACP) quality dried flower, produced from Clever Leaves’ Portugal cultivation site.
  • Recently received the INFARMED license to act as importer and distributor of APIs for medicinal purposes in the EU. This opens new opportunities to bring Colombian products into EU markets.
  • Received the CUMCS certificate, issued by Control Union, a company recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health, covering GACP/GAP certificate which is key to entering the Israeli market for GACP grade flower.


In Germany, we have an entity called Clever Leaves Germany GmbH based in Hamburg. With a team composed of 5 individuals, we are working to successfully start our pharmaceutical distribution activities in 2022.

  • Pharmaceutical grade cannabis products will be available in Germany under the pharmaceutical trademark of Clever Leaves, IQANNA.
  • Supply agreement with Ethypharm, a European manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, for the sale of medical cannabis extracts produced in Clever Leaves’ EU-GMP certified facilities in Colombia. The initial portfolio of products includes high-CBD, high-THC, and balanced CBD and THC formulations developed exclusively by Clever Leaves to meet the regulatory needs of the German market.
  • Cansativa is a Frankfurt based certified importer and distributor of medical cannabis products throughout Germany. Our investment in Cansativa accelerated our participation in the sales and distribution of medical cannabis products in the German market. 


  • Clever Leaves’ import of cannabis flower into Israel demonstrates the company’s ability to cultivate medicines that meet the strict import regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Health, including its GACP-CUMCS certification on both the cultivation and post-harvest facilities in Portugal. 
  • Clinical trials – many clinical trials are ongoing in Israel, and we are pursuing various opportunities to participate in them
  • Innovation – there are many innovative companies in Israel, and we are engaged in discussion to develop new delivery methods with these companies. 
  • Israel’s medical cannabis Flower market is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic cannabis markets worldwide.
  • We have been shipping APIs to a large Israeli cannabis company for almost one year.
  • We are in ongoing strategic discussions with multiple key Israeli cannabis companies.


  • Australia, where we have announced initial flower shipments from our Portuguese operation, has seen a large increase in the demand for flower in the past six months, where more than 30% of prescriptions so far in 2021 have been for cannabis flower (compared with 10% of prescriptions in 2020).
  • Clever Leaves expanded to Australia through Commercial Partnership with Cannatrek and Institute of Drug Technology (IDT)
  • We have a two-year supply commercial agreement with Cannatrek and have been providing them with white label finished products (OS 20%CBD and OS 10%CBD) since August 2020. The agreement offers products that are not currently available in Australia and strongly position both parties in the rapidly growing Australian medical cannabis market.
  • Clever Leaves has a commercial partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturing company, IDT Australia, to supply bulk GACP certified flowers from our Portugal facility. This marks the first commercial shipment of Clever Leaves’ dry flower to Australia and the first commercial Flower shipment from Clever Leaves Portugal facility to date.
  • Clever Leaves is a dependable and reputable supplier which meets IDT’s stringent cGMP requirements




  • Commercial agreement with GreenCare, a leading pharmaceutical company in the Brazilian cannabinoids market, to license and distribute certain Clever Leaves’ white label finished cannabis-derived products – three-year agreement provides that GreenCare will purchase at least $4M of product.
  • Verdemed partnership to supply finished CBD products.


  • Clever Leaves has entered into an active pharmaceutical ingredient supply agreement with CBD Life Holding SAPI de CV, an emerging leader in the Mexican cannabis industry which offers a line of CBD Wellness and consumer products and medical cannabis products which are under development.
  • Clever Leaves will act as the API supplier for the development and manufacture of CBD Life’s medical cannabis products. Commencing with CBD isolate, Clever Leaves aims to be the ongoing supplier of the required APIs for CBD Life’s product manufacturing purposes.