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Colombian legislation changes: Law 1787 of 2016 and April 5th Ecomedics is legally incorporated.

The project is finally structured and we received Northern Swan Holdings financing.

We were granted licenses for cultivating, transforming and producing medical cannabis by products and given the allotments for harvesting and transforming.

We ended up with 145 workers, 5 cultivated hectares and the construction and operations of our lab, built upon European standards and good manufacturing practices (EU GMP) with a first class extraction plant with a yearly capacity of 3000 liters of full spectrum cannabis oil. The plant has 1300 m2 and is projected to 4000 m2.

We export 360 grs. of dry flowers towards scientific investigation in Canada and we export ESENIA to UK, first product for people´s well-being. We will end up with 25 hectares of crops, complying with Best Agricultural and Harvesting Practices (GAPC) and a lab with European standards with Good Manufacturing Practices (EU GMP)

Clever Leaves has become the first cannabis company authorized by the Colombian National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute (Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos or INVIMA) to be Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified to produce medical cannabis. GMP certification by INVIMA allows Clever Leaves to produce phytotherapeutic medicines derived from cannabis which can be prescribed through a medical distribution channel.

The facility is capable of extracting 24,000 kilograms of dried flower currently with expansion underway to increase extraction capacity to 324,000 kilograms of dried flower per year by early 2020.

Our objective is to become the largest medical cannabis company in the world, with more than 100 hectares of cultivated land and state of the art lab.


Loving what you do, having a positive attitude and showing it to the world.”


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hectares of production
% women
% men


Clever Leaves is a leading vertically integrated and legally licensed Colombian Company in the production of medical cannabis. Our key DNA component is innovation, always thinking in the well being of patients.

Clever Leaves plays in the complete medical cannabis chain, from seed to patients. To help improve our patients’ well being, we strive to understand their needs so we can find the appropriate genetics to develop products with scientific rigor, high efficiency, and ease of use.




Product development in the health and beauty sector, where its development is based mainly in the strengthening of the non psychotic component know as CBD, in order to offer people alternative solutions of products that complement their day to day, improving their wellbeing

Selling of raw materials as a result of extraction processes (raw oil, distilled and isolated) that are then transformed by other labs in the elaboration of final products in a spectrum of possibilities in different markets.

Development and elaboration medicines of pharmaceutical grade, duly approved by regulatory bodies in each country where the products are sold, with high components of innovation supported through a rigorous process proving medicament efficiency in the treatment of a determined pathology, and with the application of value added elements in the product, that fits the particular needs of each patient.


The first fundamental step for the development of genetic is to know how plants adapt the crop conditions. Those evaluation processes and carried our by a qualified team following rigorous scientific methodology to assure that results are consistent.

Within the investigation processes are the cannabinoids tests, in order to know their main concentrations on every genetic.


Medical cannabis refers to the scientific exploitation of the positive and healing attributes it has to offer upon through the therapeutic use can treat a great variety of ailments. The scientific evidence supports the use of medical cannabis for chronic pain, the spasticity of multiple sclerosis and nauseas, and vomit for chemotherapy. There are other pathologies yet to be benefited with the use of medical cannabis, still needing scientific evidence.

At Clever Leafs we produce non-psychoactive CBD. In Colombia, cannabis is considered psychoactive if it contains more than 1% THC. Focusing on the patient, we develop investigations aiming to search alternatives of quality for sensible pathologies.

Nevertheless, we work to obtain most of the potential of the plant, reason why we believe it´s necessary to investigate the rest of the plant´s components. We should go beyond the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Medical cannabis is considered as phyto therapeutic medicine given that it comes from the extract of one plant and a chemical molecule is not being developed from the lab.

Scientific evidence supports the use of medical cannabis for chronic pain, the spasticity for multiple sclerosis, nausea and chemotherapy vomit. There are other susceptible pathologies that will benefit by the use of medical cannabis, still to be corroborated by scientific evidence.

Medical cannabis has therapeutic use to treat certain illness and disorder symptoms. No medicine in non-harmful, reason why the importance to count on good practices, premium quality products and a good medical advice.

Clever Leafs already has in place Phase I of a scientific hub in the country, the Diuvision of clinical investigation from its Pharma unit, profiling itself as a leading research unit on a worldwide level, in developing scientific evidence around cannabis grade Pharma and endo cannabinoid system. Aiming to give response to doubts about cannabis and the endo cannabinoid system; To project Colombia as a powerhouse on research and knowledge production on medical cannabis. Contribute in the construction of solid evidence on cannabis grade Pharma and continuously provide knowledge about the endo cannabiniod system. The Hub is focused in the research, education, and strengthening of the scientific community around medical cannabis.

The scientific hub provides a unique research platform, multinational and interdisciplinary for health professionals, medical centers, education centers, companies focused on harvesting and production of cannabis by-products, that seek to give the trust and security that doctors and patients require in this new therapeutic area.

The scientific hub phases are 3: Education, research and development, treatment support.

In education, with the following objectives:

  • Strengthen and spread the current knowledge about the endo cannabiniod system and medical cannabis.
  • Bring closer the medical community to the concept and understanding of the endo cannabiniod system of medical cannabis.
  • Offer training in medical cannabis to health professionals in the endo cannabiniod system and medical cannabis.

Among others, we have developed

  • 2 certificates in medical cannabis, in partnership with the Universidad del Rosario.
  • More than 90 hours, focused on the formation of doctors and health professionals in the
  • Excellency course at the Universidad de los Andes.
  • Participation as speakers in national and international congresses.
  • Development of research seedbed. Universidad del Rosario, seedbed FUCS
  • To date, we have developed alliances with the Universidad del Rosario, Meredi Hospital, The Scare and MEDT

To date, at Clever Leaves we count with 170 genetics of the cannabis plant. All cannabis varieties that exist in our seed bank have being obtained in the national territory and have being legalized through a figure of seed fountain created by ICA (It allows to informed about varieties up until December 31rst of 2018)

At Clever Leaves we follow the steps and necessary research and genetic knowledge in order to obtain information and plan results.

For now, we have seen in many studies that all plants compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids (have synergic or additive effect over medical effects. Meaning, that is has more effects a product coming from one plant (and it contains all these metabolites) than one of its isolated products. (For example CBD or THC isolated).

For Clever Leaves there’s a constant need to think in better processes that allow us to reach larger production scales and from the innovation perspective, we work on developing stronger and productive extraction processes and more stronger analysis, aiming to bring our production capacity to a bigger scale with the best standards of quality, always having in mind the well being of patients.



In an industry that’s starting to develop more each time, Colombia has great advantages to position itself as one the most important players on a worldwide basis

The municipality of Pesca in Boyacá was strategically defined to build the crop in green houses.

It’s our model program at our cultivation. With this project we develop our organizational culture and encourage an environment where there’s a sense of belonging between our collaborators and ourselves.

We are very proud to be able to generate formal employment in the Colombian country side. Compliant with local law, not only do we support and favor formal employment, oblige with strict security measures, keep an eye out for our teams health and proper development through rigorous training; but also, we implement an important social responsability policy, through which we adamantly abide for 70% female hiring, 40% of which are single mothers heads of homes.

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