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A vertically integrated, global cannabis company

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Clever Leaves

sustainable, high-efficiency, large-scale cultivation and extraction of cannabinoids

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Clever Leaves

producer of pharmaceutical and consumer cannabis brands

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Clever Leaves


Clever Leaves is a global cannabis company operating in compliance with federal and state laws, with an emphasis on ecologically sustainable, large-scale cultivation and processing as the cornerstone of building out distribution and brands. With offices in Canada, Colombia, Germany, Portugal and United States; Clever Leaves helps the partners in its ecosystem grow rapidly and contribute value to the global community.


Diverse strain portfolio and unique breeding capabilities​


Sustainable, high-efficiency and large-scale to meet rapidly growing global demand


Industrial, high-efficiency extraction and product formulation

Research & development

Scientific-Based Innovative Products and Processes

Wholesale & Distribution

Global provider of isolate, full spectrum, and white label products


Recognizable and trusted medical and consumer brands



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Vice President Sales – North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA

Our mission is to be the industry leading global cannabis company recognized for our principles, people, and performance while fostering a healthier global community.

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Cultivate Mojo. Create Value. Change Lives.


Clever Leaves is dedicated to the innovation, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical grade cannabis. By partnering with local governments and regulators around the world, we are building the pathways of a legal and fully global medical cannabis ecosystem.  We believe in the power of medical cannabis and are dedicated to advancing this cause for our patients and helping improve their quality of life.

IQANNA is Clever Leaves’ pharmaceutical division, IQANNA is focused on the research, cultivation, extraction, processing, and distribution of medicinal cannabis. With cultivation and GMP extraction facilities in Colombia and a secondary site under development in Portugal, we are currently developing our first suite of medical products for initial distribution through German pharmacies in 2020.

Our consumer brands division is focused around creating and distributing best in class products around the world.  Clever Leaves is utilizing our global cannabinoid production and distribution capabilities to take advantage of the growing popularity of hemp derived CBD products.  With opportunities in the wellness, lifestyle and beauty segments we believe consumers will aggregate towards brands that can control and trace the entire product’s supply chain, giving Clever Leaves a real advantage. We are building out a global branded portfolio both through acquisition as well as internal brand development. 

HERBAL BRANDS INC. is an Arizona based manufacturer and distributor of health and wellness products. The HERBAL BRANDS portfolio includes a number of nutraceutical and beverage brands that sell in over 10,000 retail locations across the United States.

Clever Leave’s large scale cultivation and extraction facilities have allowed us to become a large wholesale supplier of cannabinoids to companies around the world.  Our GMP certified extracted products are available in multiple forms, including raw material formats such as: crude oils, distillates and isolates, as well as, finished products through our white label manufacturing capabilities.

Clever Leave’s high scale cultivation and extraction facilities has allowed the company to become a large wholesale supplier of cannabinoids to companies

In the rapidly evolving global cannabis marketplace, Clever Leaves believes in partnering and investing in best in class companies, and has made a number of strategic investments which help enable our global vision. Clever Leave’s investment professionals have collectively invested in excess of $3b of capital at leading investment institutions and have a track record in navigating and executing in complex, regulated and evolving marketplace environments.

CANSATIVA is a Frankfurt based certified importer and distributor of medical cannabis products throughout Germany. Our investment in CANSATIVA enables access and distribution of IQANNA products throughout the German medical marketplace


Clever Leaves is a Global Company with offices in Canada, Colombia, Germany, Portugal and United States. We have raised $100 million of capital and are focused on new development projects, leveraging best practices from other industries to build sophisticated, EuGMP cannabis assets.