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      Georgette is Clever Leaves' general counsel, corporate secretary and director of international regulatory affairs. She has extensive experience in regulatory, intellectual property and contracting. Georgette worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie where she was a partner of the intellectual property practice, and prior to that role she worked at the main program of the Mayor of Bogota in contracting. She is a lawyer from the university Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.


      Chief Regulatory Officer


      Julián Wilches is Clever Leaves’ co-founder. Julian is in charge of structuring and maintaining the company’s relationship strategies and policies with different stakeholders of interest, including governments, regulators and communities. Prior to Clever Leaves, Julian acted as Director of Drug Policy for the Colombian Ministry of Justice and Law and was Advisor on the Presidential Programme against Illicit Crops. He was also the Deputy Director of Interinstitutional Articulation at the Attorney General’s Office. Additionally, he served as a Consultant and Advisor to the Ministry of Culture, the Colombian Institute for Rural Development – Incoder, and the “Coordination of the Culture of Law” Project – NSIC. Julian earned a B.A. in Political Science from Los Andes University and a Master’s in journalism from Alcalá de Henares University.




      Clara began her career in the confectionery industry, where she spent almost 7 years managing the operations area of one of the largest confectionery companies in Colombia. She then went on to different sectors such as BPO and consulting services. She joined Clever Leaves in 2018 as a Project Manager, leading the design and implementation of different projects, such as the construction and commissioning of the extraction plant in Colombia. She was also responsible for developing new organizational capabilities within the company, before moving on to Business director. Clara graduated from the National University as a Chemical Engineer and Operations Specialist and is currently an MBA candidate at Inalde Business School.



      Camilo is in charge of the global revenue. Previously, Camilo served as Global Head of Product of Clever Leaves where he coordinated all the product development efforts for the company and was in charge of the local operations in Colombia, including cultivation facilities, extraction plant, product development, quality, supply chain and local regulatory matters.
      Before Clever Leaves, Camilo worked for more than 10 years in management consulting working with clients in the U.S. and Latin America in the consumer goods, industrial, energy and financial sectors. After his career as a consultant, Camilo joined the cannabis industry as part of the investment team of Northern Swan Holdings (Clever Leaves´ financial sponsor) where he acted as VP for Latin America in charge of sourcing and structuring new investment opportunities.
      Camilo holds an MBA from Columbia Business School in NY and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Los Andes University in Colombia where he obtained a Cum Laude degree (top 3% of the class in the last 5 years).


      Chief Financial Officer


      Hank has extensive experience in providing financial leadership to various public and private entities in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and cannabis industries. Most recently, Hank served as CEO at Aidance Scientific, an FDA-registered manufacturer of branded and private-label OTC topical medications. Prior to this role, Hank was CFO of Abacus Health Products where he led the company’s public listing and the acquisition and integration of Harmony Hemp. Hank also managed the due diligence and sale process of Abacus to hemp-derived wellness product producer and distributor, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. Additionally, Hank has held CFO roles at Foster Corporation and Scott Brass. He graduated from Bentley University with a bachelor’s degree in finance.” (Business Expert Press, 2016).



      Gustavo Escobar is Co-Founder of Clever Leaves, in charge of global flower operations production in Colombia. Gustavo is responsible for the successful integration of management and product development to ensure the operational excellence of the organization.
      Gustavo was responsible for the creation and construction process of the company in the first 3 initial years and was able to establish the operational footprint of Clever Leaves in Colombia. He then led the innovation projects, the development of the first products, and the genetic developments that guaranteed the initial offering of the company’s portfolio.
      With a professional career of over 18 years, Gustavo combines his corporate experience with his entrepreneurship skills. For 12 years he was part of the IQ team, Sanford Group in Colombia, executing management functions, contributing to international expansion, leading commercial management, and implementing technology-based projects primarily in the health sector. Additionally, he has experience in providing services to the financial, telecommunications, agrobusiness, and pharmaceutical sectors.
      Gustavo holds an MBA from Universidad de los Andes and a B.E. degree in Information Technology Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.


      Chief Executive Officer


      Andrés is co-founder of Clever Leaves and has previously served as Managing Director, President and Chairman of the Board. He has led the development of its first 18 Hectares of GACP and EU-GMP certified cultivation and post-harvest facilities, the design and construction of a GMP certified extraction and formulation plant, and the development of a robust pipeline of clients and brands. Andres oversees the development, expansion, and marketing plans globally. Prior to Clever Leaves, Andres was a Founding Partner of Mojo Ventures, a unique late-stage company builder focused on working with startups and small companies to achieve unprecedented growth and profitability. Before being an entrepreneur, Andrés was President/CEO at IQ Outsourcing, a leading Colombian business process outsourcing firm that is part of the Sanford Group of Companies. Prior to joining IQ, Andres was a Principal Member at Booz & Company, a management consulting firm, based in Mexico City. Sponsored by Booz Allen, Andres obtained an MBA at Harvard Business School. He earned aB.S. Industrial Engineering and B.S. Economics, with honors, from Los Andes University in Colombia.