In Clever Leaves, we know that a better world is possible, that there are alternatives to achieve it, and that it isour collective responsibility to be part of the solution. As such, the main purpose is to unlock the power of cannabinoid-based products and therapies to improve the lives and well-being of the people around the world, through the best social and environmental standards.


Our operations are concentrated in Colombia in two facilities, the cultivation located in Pesca, Boyacá, and the extraction plant operating in Tocancipá, Cundinamarca.

From the beginning, Clever Leaves was conceived as a people-oriented company with a strong sense of commitment to the communities where we operate, a promise that has translated into employment generation, economic development of rural areas, gender equality, and environmental responsibility.

The initiatives implemented in the Colombian operations, looking to contribute to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, reduce environmental impact, ensure transparency in the relationship with stakeholders and develop collaborative strategies for social benefit.

We have prioritized four strategies that have a strong impact on our team, our communities, and our operations: Climate Action, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Gender Equality, and Water Conservation. 

Committed to a sustainable future

In 2023 we achieved the International Declaration of Carbon Neutrality. This milestone reflects our dedication to environmental sustainability and our active efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change, through emission reduction, carbon footprint verification, and carbon offsetting. 

To produce a kilogram of dried flower, we generate just 16 kilograms of CO2, setting us apart from traditional “indoor” cultivation methods that generate up to 2,300 to 5,200 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of dried flower.* This achievement, significantly below the sector average, was attained through the implementation of sustainable practices.

*(Transnational Institute. “Cannabis and climate: The carbon footprint and energy use of indoor cultivation. 20 October 2022. https://www.tni.org/en/publication/cannabis-and-climate) 

Emissions reduction

  • Harnessing solar energy by passive solar techniques   
  • Waste management: More than 50% of solid waste is reused in our processes or by third parties. 
  • Recycling of single-use face masks and other waste material in partnership with local associations.
  • Native plants reforestation initiatives.  

Carbon footprint verification

In 2022, Clever Leaves' carbon footprint stood at 318 tons of CO2e across all cultivation and pharmaceutical-grade production operations.  

The carbon inventory adheres to the GHG Protocol standard and was verified by "La Tercera Mirada" and the international program “100% Carbon Neutral."


We have effectively offset our remaining greenhouse gas emissions with high-integrity carbon credits verified by Carbonfund.org. 


We focus our efforts on being a partner who not only offers formal employment but also prioritizes the well-being of our team and their families. 

Hybrid work options for positions that do not require on-site presence, promoting work-life balance and flexibility. 


formal employer in the municipality of Pesca, Boyacá – Colombia


of our workers come from the local communities.


direct contracts.


life insurance coverage.


coverage of on-site food and transportation for all workers in both cultivation and extraction plant sites.

other actions

More than 90% local and independent Suppliers. 


We actively attract foreign investment.  


Increased Colombian Exports.

In 2021, we exported +50% of Colombia’s medicinal cannabis, according to oficial data from the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs – DIAN.


We understand that promoting female leadership and equality creates a positive work culture, fostering teamwork, healthy competition, and unity. This approach drives our company’s growth to its fullest potential. 

Headcount - workers women
Cultivation - workers women


The information on this page is accurate as of August 15, 2023, and may be subject to changes over time. We aim to keep this information up-to-date to provide you with the latest insights. 

Headcount - workers women
Cultivation - workers women


The information on this page is accurate as of August 15, 2023, and may be subject to changes over time. We aim to keep this information up-to-date to provide you with the latest insights. 

Empowering Rural Women: 

Clever Leaves’ impact is strengthened by our hiring policy focused on rural women at our cultivation site. 

Supporting Mothers’ Needs: 

Designated, well-equipped spaces for mothers to breastfeed, express milk, and safely store it. 

Collaboration with Family Strengthening: 

Partner of the Family Strengthening program with the ICBF – Colombian Institute of Family Welfare. 

Cancer Prevention Campaigns: 

Initiatives to raise awareness and prevent breast and cervical cancer.


Clever Leaves recognizes the importance of protecting water, a precious and vulnerable resource. Our strategies prioritize its responsible use and conservation, reflecting our understanding that responsible water management is essential for a sustainable future. 

Water resources conservancy

  • 100% of crop irrigation water comes from rain. 
  • Rainwater is gathered in reservoirs to guarantee its utilization as the primary source. 


  • Water consumption tracking system. 
  • Measurements of both rainwater and water levels in reservoirs. 


  • Established a wastewater treatment plant ensuring 100% water cleansing and recycling across the farm. 
  • The facility has a daily water purification capability of 25m3. 
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